What is WhatsApp Marketing ?

WhatsApp Marketing in Udaipur :- A professional and effective platform to communicate with potential customers or create a loyalty program.In fact, it’s the most popular alternative to SMS in 109 countries, or 55.6 percent of the world.Users of WhatsApp and similar services are willing to engage with businesses.Two Yahoo employees Jan Koum and Brian Acton created WhatsApp in 2009. Since then it’s increasing its popularity day by day.


Why should you use WhatsApp for business?

The best reason to use WhatsApp for business is that many of your customers are probably already using it. More than 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day.
1 . The best reason to include WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategy for business is, the great number of their customers would already be using it whom they can target and convert via WhatsApp marketing.

2 . If you wish to target young prospects then WhatsApp is going to be your best resort because 42 percent of Smartphone owners between 18 and 29 years old prefer messaging via WhatsApp than 19 % of Smartphone owners who are 50 or 50+

3 . The best reason to use WhatsApp for business is that many of your customers are probably already using it. More than 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day.

4 . The Whatsapp service is currently used in 109 countries.

5 . 70% of Whatsapp users use the app on a daily basis.

6 . Each day 100 million voice calls and 55 million video calls are made.

7 . 175 million people actively use the Whatsapp Status function.

8 . The application is available in 53 languages

4 Steps to Design WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies

1. Know what WhatsApp Marketing is Why Businesses Need It :-
Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, or tell a story.
1 - A great example of a company that does personalization well is "Amazon".
2 - All of Amazon’s emails are personalized.
2. Know the Available Ways to use WhatsApp Marketing Campaign:-
According to email marketers, segmentation is second on the top initiatives list this year. It is most important tool of Email Marketing.
1 - Segment by industry:-
Do you offer services and products to businesses or consumers? Knowing the industry of your subscribers is a great way to segment your email campaigns. For example, a business that sells car parts would engage at a much higher rate if they receive email campaigns on car products, compared to a business that sells software.It is best for growing business.
3 . Get ideas from Successful WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns:
Segmenting email campaigns by company size or annual revenue is a great way to increase response rates. it is best for businss or gorwing business. A small business that employs 5 people is not likely ready for the biggest industry conference of the year, whereas a business that employs 750 people might be a better fit.
4 . Know the best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies:-
In 2012, 27% of all marketing emails were opened on a mobile device.By 2014, that number jumped up to 42%.Now, it’s as high as 54%
( 1 ). Implement responsive email design (RED)
( 2 ). Keep the subject line and pre-header short
( 3 ). Test copy, design and buttons,
( 4 ). Make the CTA big and obvious:

Why should you turn to Whatsapp Marketing?

WhatsApp enables you to create groups of up to 256 members, which is an ideal opportunity to carry out direct consultations and focus group studies. They are also a perfect tool for organizing events with your customers and with your company employees (internal marketing).Finally, qualities such as immediacy and precision in terms of reach make this app the perfect way to send reminders and promote your special offers.

. Perform Real Time Customer Service

. Take advantage of the power of Groups

. Enrich your texts and take advantage of multimedia

. Keep the quality of your messages to preserve the interest of your audience

Know best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Tools

Facebook acquired WhatsApp in Feb 2014 for 19 billion US Dollars. WhatsApp is popular outside the United States but now is hitting strong competition from Asian-based social messenger apps such as KakaoTalk, WeChat, or Link. Marketing is about considering people. WhatsApp marketing platform can give more audience engagement than any other platform

1 - WhatsApp Bulk Sender

2 - Bulk WhatsApp Sender

3 - WAPanel

4 - BulkWhatsAppMarketing.com

5 - WhatsAppChannels.com

Famous Whatsapp Marketing Examples

whatsapp is one of the best platform of the increase business in digital world.One of them is the brand of Vodka Absolut, you check the huge introduction of Whatsapp in Argentina (84% among mobile users) Decided to take advantage of the application to celebrate the special edition of one of its products, by launching an exclusive event.